Breaking it Down: Breakout Area 101

Breakout areas are considered by ergonomic office specialists as ‘smart spaces’. They are spaces within a workplace that is separate from the normal working area and can be used to eat lunch, relax, work, or have informal meetings. More importantly for employers, breakout areas complies with various work and safety laws requiring staff take frequent breaks from their desks and computer screens- you can view these at the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Basically, breakout areas enhance the workplace experience by allowing employees a change of scenery with which they can still work productively. In the long run, this can prove to be very beneficial for their well-being. Contrary to popular belief, breakout areas are not only reserved for large-scale corporate companies with cash to burn- small to medium companies also find great benefit in designating small space for their employees to take a break from their screen.


Breakout area in Motorola, Chicago

Great breakout areas do not need to be expensive or hard to maintain. A few canteen or multipurpose chairs, tub chairs, and a sofa can give employees lots of choices depending on whether they would like to work, eat, or relax. These chairs can also act as an imaginary line between the breakout area and the working office space, rather than paying for partitions. Another great idea many offices are implementing is considering putting in a hot drinks machine- a good coffee machine not only minimises wasted time by employees going on coffee runs, it also saves everyone in the office a great deal of money on their daily caffeine hit.

Click on the items below to view some budget-friendly soft seating breakout furniture:

Breakout areas are a great way to increase employee productivity, generate interest in your workplace, and encourage employee interaction.

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