Custom Storage

The reception area in your office speaks volumes about your company branding and how you run your business, acting as an intentional (or non-intentional!) first impression in the entrance. In many cases, stock receptions just don’t make the cut when you are trying to find a reception desk that meets your aesthetic, practical, and power and data management requirements. Receptionists are often required to handle many tasks so other than looking great, reception design should take into account how easily it is for someone to move between taking phone calls, attending to clients, data entry, and filing and sorting documents.

An exceptional benefit of considering a custom reception is that they can be created using colours and textures that blend perfectly into your current work environment. Custom receptions can be created with the purpose of blending in with the current reception area, or standing out as a feature in the office space that can create a long-lasting first impression for potential clients or employees.

Buzz Furniture offers custom joinery and reception solutions for a range of industries including the educational, industrial, agricultural, commercial and hospitality sectors. We are able to produce bespoke receptions using high quality materials such as laminate, timber, veneer, stone, and metal, and can make receptions in an unlimited range of sizes and shapes to best fit your office space.

Have a custom reception idea in mind? Or are you not sure of what you want, but have an idea of what the reception desk should be able to do? Contact us now to speak to our custom joinery specialists about how we can bring this idea to life.

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