Ergonomic Essentials Part 3: Finding the most Beneficial Workstations and Desks that Work for your Business

In Part 3 of Ergonomics Essentials by Buzz Furniture in Melbourne, we talk about why workstations are an important consideration for businesses when thinking about an office fit-out or design. The right workstation or desk can dictate how you want your employees to work, and influence how they interact with each other. Office workstations can also play a role in impacting employee productivity and health.

Computer-based workstations should have height, depth, and work surfaces that suit its user and the type of work the user performs. Features to consider when choosing a workstation include:

  • Desk space that accommodates all necessary equipment to work and does not compromise posture or vision when completing tasks
  • Desk height so that legs are able to be positioned comfortably under the desk and arms can rest at a 90 degree angle

This image, taken from Worksafe BC demonstrates recommended angles and positions of joints when sitting at a computer workstation.

What is a height adjustable desk?

Height adjustability is a highly desirable workstation feature and all height adjustable workstations need to be able to be easily adjustable. Sit/ stand desks allow the desk top area to be used in either the seated or standing position, which can be raised or lowered without any disruption to the placement of the equipment or desk items.

Many businesses consider the option of having a proportion of workstations that can be used for both sitting and standing work, which is especially important for work that is highly sedentary or requires sitting or standing for long periods of time. Height adjustable desks are also beneficial for employees that are either very tall or very short, as they can adjust the workstation to best suit their needs also.

Is a height adjustable desk better than a normal desk?

Height adjustable and standing desks seem to be the token item of a modern office. Many start-up businesses claiming the well-being of their employees use standing desks as part of their layout. On top of that, large companies are also getting in on the action.

For example, Google offers standing desks as part of its wellness program, where any employee can choose whether or not they work at a standing desk. Facebook also has more than 250 employees that use standing desks, and maintain that standing desks keep a high energy level in the office, keeping employees feeling active all day long.

An experiment conducted by a small start-up in Latvia found that height adjustable desks did in fact boost work productivity, as opposed to just being a Silicon Valley fad. Height adjustable desks not only boosted productivity by 10%, but those who chose to use the desk for sitting found those desks were much more comfortable as it was customisable to individual height.

Staff included in the experiment also found height adjustable desks played a role in increasing energy and concentration levels, decreased headaches throughout the day and also helped some quit smoking. You can read the full article from Business Insider here.

So overall, it seems that there are added health benefits of a standing desk over a normal non-adjustable sitting one. Particularly for the fact that height adjustable desks can be perfectly adjusted for seated employees, rather than causing office workers long term issues from having to adapt around the height of a generic desk. Buzz Furniture offers both manual and electric height adjustable desks and workstations, you can find them in the desking section of our online store.

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