Creating Inspiring Melbourne Offices

Now more than ever, the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your business creates a big first impression and can make or break deals between potential clients and employees. Custom joinery allows you and your employees to make the most out of your workspace, and is an integral component to the rapidly changing demands of the office, medical, industrial, educational, and hospitality sectors. Buzz Furniture specialises in thoughtfully designed and cost-effective custom joinery for a range of Melbourne business applications.

We have worked with a range of clients to create anything from reception desks and counters to custom-built storage, feature wall panels, display cabinets, wall units, and kitchen areas- purpose-built in Melbourne offices to create extra display, extra storage, integrated furniture, or as a creative way to disguise whitegoods and other appliances. Smart joinery design incorporates flexible solutions that can be paired with intuitive lighting and power selections according to the use of the unit in the workspace. Additionally, custom joinery has the great advantage in being able to match existing detailing and finishes to create a seamless aesthetic between the new piece and existing office furniture.

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