Office Partitions for Melbourne Offices

Office partitions provide a flexible option to divide available work areas, and are most often used to divide and identify certain departments, as well as create privacy between differing workplace tasks. Additionally, office partitions are valuable for interior designers and interior decorators in creating a specific mood or optimising an unusual floor plan or small office layout which is commonplace in the Melbourne commercial office environment. For a range of businesses, the addition of partitions to section off part of the office space also provides the option of leasing that space to support revenue during quieter periods.

Partitioned offices are not stylistically limited- partitions can be created from metal, glass, wood, plaster, or a combination of two or more of these materials. These office partitions can be treated so they can withstand office wear and tear, and can accommodate whiteboard or pin board material to provide greater functionality and usability in the office. Office partitions are almost unlimited the range of finishes and sizes they can be created, which is advantageous when the current office space has a unique theme or needs to meet specific branding or colour requirements.

One of the most obvious features of partitioned offices is their ability to moderate sound to create both private or soundproof and concentrated working areas. This benefit is useful for both small and large businesses, and particularly for companies that have separate departments. Partitions and office cubicles are particularly useful for commercial sectors where employees may be required to make multiple phone calls or partake in sensitive conversations with colleagues or clients.

Are you considering getting office partitions put in your workspace but aren’t sure how to go about it? Contact our creative team at Buzz Furniture to discuss your requirements and organise a complimentary measure and consultation at your office.

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