Drafting Chairs for Any Business Application

Drafting chairs are taller-than-average office chairs, that have a telltale footrest ‘drafting’ ring for it’s users to rest their feet while working. Drafting chairs initially gained popularity with engineers who spend long hours on drafting stools with little back support and needed a better solution. Apart from the engineering industry, drafting chairs are also important in architectural firms, laboratories, and creative and graphic design studios. They assist anyone in any line of work who find it easier to work on an elevated surface, such as a countertop lightbox, drafting table, or standing desk.

​Buzz Furniture offers a wide selection of drafting chairs to suit the Melbourne office and commercial environment. Our drafting chairs are suitable for a range of reception, laboratory, cashier, designer drafting, and architect applications that require sitting at high workbenches or maintaining eye contact with people at standing height. Buzz Furniture offers mesh drafting chair, fabric drafting chair, and custom upholstered drafting chairs to suit any workplace requirements.

Drafting Chairs