To Screen or Not to Screen?

Have you ever noticed that all the trendy, coveted, and instagrammable office spaces (think Google, Adobe, Twitter, Netflix) follow a similar open theme? While keeping open office plans benefit large, affluent companies as well as businesses requiring lots of creative collaboration between staff members, the vast majority of employee tasks requires a practical working space and some degree of seclusion from noise and distraction.

A very common question we get asked when consulting on office fit-outs is whether screens or desk dividers will be required. Our answer is dependent on a few variables. These include (but are not limited to):

  • How big is your office space?
  • Is there much foot traffic in your office?
  • What are your employee’s tasks and responsibilities?
  • Do they need to collaborate with each other?
  • Do they use the phone often or sit with clients?

Basically, the more privacy or ‘quiet’ the employee needs, the greater the requirement for screens. Screens are useful in partitioning large office areas to create an isolated working space in the larger workplace. They are also useful in creating a ‘dedicated office space’ for tasks that require concentration, privacy, and individual organisation.

Desk dividers are also useful in adding colour to office spaces that can reflect your brand or brighten the mood in a dull area. Employees are also more motivated when they are able to personalise their own workstations. Additionally, the creation of a private space allows workers to place all their equipment and paperwork in one place which limits traffic flow in the office. Screens also have the added benefit of extra storage attachments such as monitor arms, shelves, and trays that can  help maintain a clean and tidy office environment.

Do you think you need screens in addition to your current office furniture? The team at Buzz HQ are experts in creating screens for any workplace environment, regardless of size or budget. Give us a call on 1300 113 771 or email to chat with us.

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